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Local News

Jack Shepherd, who killed his date in a boat crash, has been in the Georgian capital Tbilisi since March.

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More than 200 officers were involved in a bid to disrupt lucrative "county lines" drug networks.

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London's Knife Wars will air on Wednesday 23 January on BBC One at 22:45 GMT.

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Complex heart operations were moved out of St George's Hospital last year to allow for improvements.

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The marked vehicle was responding to a call about a man threatening members of the public.

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Hairstylist Charlotte Mensah is passing her knowledge to younger generations to keep skills alive.

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The Japanese firm will move its European headquarters to the Netherlands to avoid customs issues.

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A number of loss-making Patisserie Valerie stores and concession stands will be closing across the country.

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The three-year-old was playing with some footballs in a store when he was squirted with sulphuric acid.

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After Molly Russell took her own life, her family found distressing material through her Instagram account.

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A 25-year-old man was charged with violent disorder by police investigating the security guard's death.

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Charlotte Brown's father Graham says fugitive Jack Shepherd should hand himself in and serve his time.

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Community News

Self Build Hertfordshire - Open Day

Posted by Administrator : Sunday 22nd September 2013

Maple Timber Frame recently held an open day at a site in Hertfordshire. The dwelling has been constructed using SupaWall, SupaFloor and SupaRoof to give a highly insulated envelope to the building and as such the client is not intending to install either wet under floor heating or traditional radiators.

Community Clean Up

Posted by Administrator : Thursday 14th March 2013

BRUSHES AND MOPS AT THE READY! Many members of our community make their mark on our local streets by joining various local Watford cleaning initiatives throughout the community in a bid to keep our parks, streets, roads and pavements looking clean and look after.


Potholes Giving Local Drivers a Problem

Posted by Administrator : Wednesday 13th March 2013

LEAVING US IN A DITCH? Potholes are becoming more and more of a problem in Watford due to a lack of local maintenance funding and the changes in the UK weather. Potholes despite being seen as a miner problem they can affect so many drivers on a daily basis.

Cost of Living Rising!

Posted by Administrator : Tuesday 12th March 2013

COSTING US OUR LIVELIHOOD? It is estimated that the cost of living looks expected to continue to rise this year with stable incomes versus increasing costs of everyday household items. In recent years the cost of living has been as high as 5 times more than wage rises.

Getting On The Property Market

Posted by Administrator : Sunday 10th March 2013

EASIER SAID THAN DONE! The mortgage and property market looks to be improving slightly through better mortgage deals. However the market still lacks direction and combined with lack of incentives for new buyers and government cuts it looks like it could be a while before it rises.

Do You Support Your Local Businesses?

Posted by Administrator : Wednesday 6th March 2013

LENDING YOUR LOCAL SUPPORT. Do you use your local shop? Do you go to the local pub? Do you visit your local butcher? Many studies have shown that support in local businesses is on the up.

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